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Every Month You’ll Receive A Curated Box! That means every month we hand select products from small businesses, makers and artisans. We take the time to find the great finds and share them with you! Just think of us as Pinterest in a box… wink wink… we put everything together because we know family life is busy and every moment counts. Plus who has time to take ten trips to Target or Michael’s for one craft that lasts 5 minutes... right?

A Monthly Theme! Curating isn’t just about the products in the box, but why we select them. Everything in your box will coordinate with the monthly theme. Why? Because each theme is meant to open up conversations about all those things we want our little ones to know, but don’t always know how to start...like, why kindness matters, why some people don’t have homes,why super powers aren’t about using guns and gadgets, but about understanding, compassion and perseverance, why we need grit, love and gratitude and so much more!

A Wearable! Who doesn’t love a cape, an animal mask, a tee about kindness and bravery? Each box will feature a fun and super wearable that supports other small businesses and makes learning with your kiddos fun!

 A Featured Book! “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” -Vera Nazarian Books are magic and magical and reading them not only enhances play, sparks creativity, but opens a door to a new world and a new understanding!

 Craft & Activity Kits! Don’t own a glue gun? (or even if you do) This is definitely the box for you! You’ll receive 2 to 4 crafts and activities each month that are simple, fun, engaging and let your imagination lead the way. We’ll provide everything you need so all you have to do is open the box and enjoy. 

 Community Cards! “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” –Dr. Seuss Every box comes with a community challenge card to inspire the whole family. Because this is what Outside The Box is all about… we want kids, all kids to know they can make an impact, they can giveback, they are a part of community and can build community. 

Give Back! Every month we partner with a different non-profit, community service or giveback company. We spotlight them in the box (check out your community card), we highlight their impact AND we donate a portion of each box purchased!

 Surprises! We also include little surprises along the way. It may be a gift for mom, or something cool for dad, or even an extra book! We want to make sure every month your box is full of fun and plenty of opportunities for you to connect & create… So, in the end, you have a month full of memories and experiences, not a box of stuff that you trip over while running out the door the next day!!

"I'm a working mom, it's not easy to come up with creative ideas that inspire all the time. This box is a game changer. Quality time with my child and a chance to get out in the community and do great things, perfect combination!"
– Laura



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