Outside The Box by Cheeky Days

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Live Outside The Box!

“Love is at the root of everything, all learning, all relationships. Love or the lack of it.”
-Mister Rogers

Our mission is simple - to empower kids through play + creativity to give back and make an impact! We do this by meeting littles right where they are and teaching them how to show up in the world rooted in love. 

We're about big hearts ready to learn while belly laughing. Because have you ever thought, what do raisins and jellyfish have to do with mindfulness? Or, what do knights and dragons have to do with diversity? Or how about, can a rock and paint teach your little one about gratitude?

Through books, music, art, cooking, nature, and Outside The Box activities we spark imagination, play, and creativity while teaching and empowering little ones!

Did you know by age 2 children notice gender and racial differences?

Find Out How To Talk To Your Littles About Diversity Through Play!