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Connect. Create. Community.

When I started Outside The Box, before I even knew exactly what Outside The Box would be and most certainly before I even had a name, I knew it would include, it needed to include these 3 things... a way to connect, a way to inspire creativity and to create, and a way to talk about and build the importance of community.
CONNECT: As parents, we know the stress of constantly searching for and planning meaningful activities. So we’ve strived to curate a monthly box that provides time and memories together, encourages moments to connect, but still fits into every family’s busy schedule.
 CREATE: We value dreaming big, igniting passion and discovering our gifts. Each box will have a new theme filled with engaging crafts and activities that will offer your little one opportunities to learn, grow, discover, dream, imagine, create and do.
COMMUNITY: Focusing on community and giving, everything in the box is tailored to reinforce the theme and build upon the conversation of giving. It provides an opportunity for each family to take what they’ve learned and give back in their own unique way.

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